Winter Baby Shower Decor

Winter Baby Shower Decor
Winter Baby Shower Decor

Hey, guys!  It’s my first post!  Woo hoo!  So, I guess you’ll be getting to know me and my passion for all things DIY as we go along.  Be sure to check out my bio in the About Me section, and I’m so looking forward to interacting with you as I share the simple projects I do around our home.

Today, I’m sharing some DIY baby shower decor that is now on display in my own home fulfilling its role as some post-Christmas cheer. I’m a huge fan of being able to reuse decor.

About a month ago, I had the privilege to co-host a baby shower for a sweet friend expecting her first child.  My fellow co-hosts and I all have three or four littles of our own, so we were so excited for this friend of ours to start her own brood.

Back to the shower!  We divided and conquered, with decor being on my list of responsibilities.  Since we were in the bleak month of January here in Minnesota, a winter theme was decided upon.

Unfortunately I had to miss the actual shower (though for good reason – hanging out with friends who were serving their wine and hard cider at Sundance Film Festival in Utah!  Check out their amazing winery here.)  So because of my absence, I worked ahead of time to create some items and my friends put it all together on the day of the shower.

The first item I tackled was the banner for the gifts table.  Subtle touches of our theme.  Not too over-the-top cutesy.

You guys. I have used this banner on so. many. occasions.  Each time with a different word or phrase.  Did I mention I’m a fan of decor that can be used different ways?  

Next, I started on my favorite part – the sign!

I have been wanting this phrase incorporated into my Christmas/winter decor for awhile, so I was super excited to make it.

I grabbed a scrap of a 1×12” board leftover from some other project.  It had a few nail holes in it, but no matter.  I like the rustic look, and the holes added to the aesthetic.  

One quick coat of MinWax Provincial Wood Stain, and after it dried, it was ready to paint.  

Now here is where a paint marker would have been nice.  I didn’t have one, so I had to freehand it with a paint brush.

 Don’t look too closely!  In the past when I’ve painted signs, I have printed the text on paper, placed the paper over the wood and traced the letters with a pencil.  When you lift the paper, you can see the outlines and then follow them with paint.  This time, I lightly wrote the words with pencil directly on the stained wood and then carefully followed with paint.  Not perfect, but the imperfections were not too horribly noticeable from far away.

Popsicle stick snowflakes were hung as a backdrop at the shower, offset by cotton ball snow garland. 

A word of warning about the cotton balls on thread – they tangle super easily!  I had to gently wind them on empty wrapping paper rolls to transport them, but by the end of the shower, I only had a few short strands that could be salvaged to use at my house.

For the table centerpieces, we laid out burlap and scattered pine cones around various vases and mason jars.  The vases and jars were filled with mini marshmallows, and filled with Baby’s Breath and stems of pine cones in silver, white, and gold.  

Now the decor is in my house for another few weeks until February is officially over.  March is when I switch to spring mode!  

The best part of this shower, though?  The sweet little baby that I can’t wait to hold!  And oh, that newborn smell!

Thanks for reading!  I can’t wait to share more fun ideas and projects with you.

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